9th Annual 7 Deadly Hills Run
First Annual Water Relay
10027 Amigo Trail
Grey Eagle, MN


Weekend of August 19th.

Take Highway 94 to Freeport, go into town and turn left at the stop sign.  Go about one mile, turn right to St. Rosa.
Go through St. Rosa about one mile and turn left staying on Co. Rd. 17. (The sign will say “To Birch Lake State Forest “ )
Go 3 miles; turn right onto Birch Lake Rd.
Go 1.7 miles to Birch Forest Road, turn left.
Go .5 miles to Birch Ridge Road, turn right.
Go .6 miles to the cabin…The road is a cart trail…rustic.  The cabin is 2 story with green shingles, paved driveway…   address (blue house number) 10027.

You will be in Stearns County until you get to my place, so the addresses will not make sense. Amigo Trail starts there.
My cell phone number is 320-241-2315.

Those of you coming from Sartell, Rice or St. Stephen may choose to come out through Holdingford. To get there take Stearns County Road 1 north to Cty Rd 17. Follow this through Opole, Holdingford until you get to St Rosa. There it takes a right and then you can follow the above directions.

 The main run will be a 12.3 miles (with an option to make it 13) and start at 7:30. Buddy will be doing water stops again for at 5 miles and 9 miles and more if it is hot and humid. He will be doing great photos so make sure you are always smiling. The 9 mile stop has a restroom. Anyone can catch a ride, if needed at one of these stops. At 8:00 anyone who wants a 10 K or 7 miler can start, run the route in reverse and will meet up with the others at their 9 mile water stop. There is also a 2 ¾ mile loop. If you are wanting a 20 you can do an out and back starting at 6:00 or 6:15 to get 8 in early and be back for the photo.

As mentioned, Buddy will be in charge of water stops and will accept help from others not running.

There will be a number of people coming out Friday evening. All are welcome to do this. You can pitch a tent if you like; however there is plenty of floor space. You will want a pad to sleep on and a sleeping bag. You are all welcome to stay Saturday night also. If you plan to come Friday let me know so we can plan meals. 

Kayaks, SUPs and canoes are available to use as well as some pontooning. This year, conditions permitting, we will be doing a relay race using kayaks and SUPs. I’m thinking that this could be very entertaining both to watch and to participate. I hope many of you will stick around a little longer to participate. 

Please call me with any questions or suggestions.