History of the Carey Burke Award

For several years the St. Cloud River Runners had the privilege of enjoying the company of Mr. Carey Burke. Carey was an enthusiastic member of the running community during the 1980's and early 1990's. He would regularly drive from Princeton to join the group for the Saturday breakfast runs. He lived life to its fullest, had a great sense of humor, and got as much out of life as he could. His colorful running attire gave rise to the name "Crazylegs Classic" for one of the local races. He often presented some very interesting "gifts" at the annual banquets. Carey's positive attitude lasted long after leukemia took him away in 1993. This spirit, and enjoyment of distance running, was the reason an award was created in his honor.

The following SCRR members have been honored for showing some of that spirit, positive attitude, and support of distance running by being named recipients of the Carey Burke Award.

Rick Hlebain, 2018 Carey Burke Award Recipient


Past Award Recipients

1995 Joe Perske 2007 Paul Ford
1996 Denny Wintheiser 2008 Daryl Stevens
1997 Terre Severance 2009 Kate Adams
1998 Pam Stevens 2010 Mike O'Hara
1999 Hank Coppock 2011 Sharon Hobbs
2000 Kathy Zachman Mathiasen 2012 Renee Saxman
2001 Evan Jones 2013 Anita Baugh
2002 Pat Ross 2014 Lisa Hines
2003 Calvin Miller6 2015 Jacki Devine
2004 Greg Rolek 2016 Bob Kovell
2005 Ron Stock 2016 Bob Kovell
2006 Cindy & Donie Lewandowski 2017 Jay Johnson and Deb Bemboom


In Memoriam…

Carey BurkeJeannine SjogrenLeon MeyerHank CoppockDale CarlsonThorpe RunningGerry Stock, Dave Carlson, John Seiler

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