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Minnesota Brothers Trail Series - St. Cloud, MN

Minnesota Brothers Trail Series

Taking place in Central Minnesota, the Minnesota Brothers Trail Series will showcase the beautiful trails in the St. Cloud area. For those familiar with Mainly Marathons, this series will be utilizing many of the aspects that has made Mainly Marathons so popular. Some of these aspects include:

Start Times: All races start at sunrise, 5:30 AM.

Lap Courses: This promotes a sense of community on the course with support around every corner, along with plenty of opportunities to take in the delicious treats at the aid station. Loops will likely be round 2-4 miles each, depending on the location.

Fantastic Food: Our food is delicious and plentiful. Options include tator tot scrambles, mini quiches, triple berry pancakes, french toast, quesaritos, and more!

Distance Options: 5K, 10K, 50K, Half Marathon, and Full Marathon.
Generous Time Limit: Slightly different than Mainly Marathons, there will be a 12 hour time limit.

Discounts: Mainly Marathons participants can use the discount code in The Loony Bin newsletter and Mainly Marathons Facebook Group, and St. Cloud River Runners can use the discount code in the SCRR newsletter and SCRR Facebook group page.

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Later Event: June 10
SCRR Sunday Morning Run